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   Auto Liability

   Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist (UM/UIM Coverage) 

   Personal Injury Protection (PIP Coverage) 

   Roadside Assistance (available for 6 month policies) 


   30k protection on bodily injury for one person per accident

   60k protection on bodily injury for all persons per accident 

   25k protection of property damage per accident  


Essential Package

   Insured must disclose any current or past policies with Pronto Insurance

   Vehicle must be used for personal use only (cannot be used for Commercial or artisan purposes) 

   Manufactured homes, modified manufactured homes or trailers, shell homes, do-it-yourself or homemade homes  

   All operators must reside and work in Texas

   All vehicles and drivers must reside in the main insured’s household (except for listed in-state students)

   Insured must disclose all vehicle operators and household members over the age of 12. Vehicle cannot be regularly available to a non-listed driver

   Insured must disclose any traffic violation or past accident that occurred in the last 3 years for all operators. Operators cannot have violations exceeding 7 points, or any policy that has developed or incurred more than 10 points; this includes no more than one DWI, DUI, alcohol, or drug violation in the past 36 months.

   Vehicle must be under 40 years old

   Vehicle owner must be disclosed on the application

   Vehicle must have valid US license plates

   Vehicle cannot be owned by a corporation, business, or Government

   Vehicle cannot be exotic, rare, vintage or used for racing – check U/W Guidelines for more details


Frequently Asked Questions

   What terms do you offer for an auto insurance policy?
For our customer’s convenience, Pronto offers 1, 3, and 6 month auto policies, with budget friendly options.

   What if I can't occupy my home during repairs?
An uninsured driver is someone who is operating a vehicle without the mandatory minimum coverage required by Texas law.

It is estimated that one in five Texas vehicles is uninsured.  That is nearly 4 million cars without insurance or about 20 percent of all vehicles in Texas. In some areas of the state, the concentration of uninsured vehicles may be even higher.

   What is Personal Property Protection?
Effective January 1, 2011, the mandatory minimum coverage is 30k/60k/25k which apply as follows: $30,000 protection on bodily injury for one person per accident.
$60,000 protection for all bodily injury claims per accident. $25,000 protection of property damage per accident. This coverage is commonly referred to as "30/60/25" which is an abbreviation. Keep in mind that this coverage only covers the third party involved in the accident and not the insured.

   How much does liability protection cover?
TexasSure is a new vehicle insurance verification system that allows law enforcement and county tax officials to confirm whether a vehicle in Texas has required auto liability insurance. TexasSure will help reduce the number of uninsured vehicles in Texas. It is expected to help stop the actions some motorists take to avoid the law. 

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